Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm back bitches.

So. I had been talking with a few friends lately and I always get the same inevitable question.

What happened to the blog!!?? Why don't you blog anymore!?? I'm sad that you don't blog anymore!

A.  I love you all for loving me that much that you want to read my mental waste product on a daily basis.

B.  I had a baby.  **checking my watch** About 7 months ago... 

This baby grew (no one told me that would happen) and now plays, babbles, yells and gets frustrated when every iota of my attention is not intently focused on him.  I can not type in front of him with out him wanting to get in my lap and hit the keyboard.  I can't have my cell phone in front of him with out him lunging for it, and promptly gnawing on it.  The tv remote generally suffers the same fate.

So all in all.  I haven't had much of an opportunity to blog.  Michael gets home from work and we laugh and play and put the weasle to bed.  Then we get time together.  Time together I don't want to waste blogging. 

I just realized the phrase "put the weasle to bed" could be misconstrued.  Possibly a very bizarre sex act. 

One I'm sure I've never taken part in. 

What I meant was... put Henry to bed.  Get your mind out of the gutter people.

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here, and I'm sure the blog will resume some point.  When I hire a live in nanny and can sleep in until 10 am and poop with out a baby sitting in my lap. 



Most of my friends now know that I'm going through a transition at work.  I am transfering units and moving to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU, and I will be full-time again.

So, the second inevitable question I get is:

"What's Henry gonna do!?"  Usually the questioner has a very concerned look on his/her face.  Like I was just going to sit Henry in his crib with a toy, a gerbil feeder full of formula and a jar of baby food and take off into the sunset.

And me, the questionee...tries to quickly explain the situation and justify that I AM a good mom and I DO in fact still love Henry.  I'm just changing our schedule a little bit. 

So let me take this opportunity to answer the question.  For everyone all at once...

I accepted a second shift position, which is from 2:30 pm to 11 pm, 4 days a week.  This is only 32 hours a week, but I am still considered full-time, and hence get my benefits and PTO back.  Around here that's what we call sweet-ass.

Mike's insurance is great...but we could all use a trip to the dentist.  That's where I come in.

One of the other doctors that Mike works with used a nanny for a while with their baby boy, and they gave us her information. 

Her name is Chris and she is wonderful. I knew I liked her when she swept in, scooped up Henry and started lovin' on him.  She really cares about Henry and I know he is in good hands when he is with her.  So she will be watching Henry from the time I leave for work in the afternoon until Mike gets home from work at 6 pm. 

I love this arrangement because I still get all my mornings with Henry.  We get our family weekends back, and I get to live my dream of working where I've always wanted to work.

I said a lot of prayers about this transition, and shed a few tears.  Okay, let's be honest.  More than a few tears.  But I am ecstatic about this new position and I think it will offer me just the balance that I feel may have been lacking before. 

ME.  ME.  ME.  I know it seems like it's always ME around here. 

Michael was the key factor in this decision, as was the well-being of our carrot-headed offspring.  I could not have made this decision or embarked on this new phase with out his complete support and reassurance that we will "make it work". 

So for that I say:  I love you more than words could ever convey.  I thank you for supporting this decision, even though it will mean some of our evenings together are scratched and you may have to 'put the weasle to bed' yourself now and again.

ha.  ha.

So this is the new Bu family arrangement.  Henry is excited about it.  I am excited about it.  Daddy is excited about it...or at least he is great at pretending.

Thanks again everyone for your support, your encouraging words and your love.

It means everything.

See, I told you Henry was excited about it.


  1. Oh my God, Em. He is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Little punkin head! I loves me some baby Henry. Your blog is really cute. Thanks so much for the kind words about me.