Thursday, May 5, 2011

Glad Ware

Henry has so many toys.  He has a whole room full of toys.  

He wants the blue Gladware lid.  He loves the lid.

We take it to the grocery store, we take it when we run errands, we take it when we go on walks.  The lid is a hit.

He holds it in his chubby little hands and feels the bumps and ridges, and waves it around.  He passes it from one hand to the other and inspects it like a scientist.  This lid is like a rock from one of Saturn's moons.

The coolest thing.  Ever.

At home he waves his lid with such joy.  Grinning all over the place, babbling like crazy and looking at me.  Obviously trying to convey what is so wondrous about the lid. 

Unfortunately, when we run errands with the lid everything changes.

He still clutches the beloved lid, but gone are the grins and mad waving babbles that the lid evokes at home. 

Oh no. 

In public, he takes on a look like a puppy that has just been kicked.  Very sad.  With a sad Gladware lid in place of a real toy.

So, as we cruise around the grocery store, with Henry looking like I just farted in his pudding...grasping his little lid...I am judged.

Moms judge other moms.


I can only imagine what they think when they see my poor, sad, pathetic faced little Henry with his lid...

"God, she couldn't even get the poor boy a real toy...what a disgrace to the word 'mother'..."

"I bet she doesn't even have him on a schedule..."

"I wonder if I should call Child Protective Services..."

I'm sure of it.  If I were another mom, I would judge me too...Henry is a terrific actor.  (One of his many talents, I assure you.)

I am willing to stand up to the mental ridicule I can feel radiating from fellow mothers.  I am willing to stand up to the withering stares and stink eyes. 

Because I love Henry. 

And I know as soon as we get in the car he will grin like a fool and wave his lid in my face as I try and strap him in his car seat throne. (Which is like wrangling an octopus in heat.)

So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, willing to do anything for their kids.

You are amazing.  And you are loved.

Waking up extra refreshed from a nap...with the lid.

Life is more fun with a lid.

Before you turn me in to CPS...please note that Henry does sleep in a sleep sack.  No chance of blanket suffocation.

That has to count for something.

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