Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Henry Galore

Henry got wind of my plan to firm up his daytime routine. 

So he laughed in my face and hasn't stopped since I wrote that post. 

So we just went back to the 'go with the flow' method of parenting.

Ehh.  Whatever.

In other news, I noticed Henny hasn't gotten much face time on the ol' blog as of late.  So I thought I'd update you on what has happened thus far in this uber exciting fifth month of life.

My, how time flies!

Henry starting noticing the beasts.  Now he watches them like a hawk, and likes to pet Fatty and pull out handfuls of his hair.  Which I'm fine with because it saves me having to brush him to get out all the loose hair.  Ha.

(You can see Fatty looking at him like, "Not this kid again.")

He loves hanging out in the jump-up

(So he doesn't look super pumped in this picture, but I promise he likes it.)

Henry enjoys private trombone concerts with Daddy.

(Babies R Us vomited all over this room.)

Henry keeps getting bigger.  Big surprise.

Getting pretty good at sitting up with out toppling over.

I recognize that I am biased, but my kid is freaking cute.

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