Friday, August 10, 2012

Finding Me

Let me just preface this by saying, I am not making this up.

Through the "Blogger" interface I am able to see the search keywords that brought people to my blog, and the referring sites from which they came. 

Kind of awesome, just be warned, you can't try and be sneaky and read my blog on the sly...

I seeee you :)

Haven't really taken a lot of time to check out this feature because well, I don't really have much time to write a post, BUT THANK GOD this morning I had a few minutes!

In the past week these are the search keywords that brought people to my humble blog:

Search Keywords:
Entry:                                              Pageviews:
Tucks Pads                                          11
Undie Sundae                                      3
"diaper sausage"                                  2
epifoam                                                2
infant to toddler rocker                       2
maternity mesh underwear                2
mesh knickers for after baby               2
eatin good habit                                    1
epifoam image                                      1
homemade nipple toys                         1
"crusty" booger                                     1

Cross-my-heart, if I knew how to save a screen shot and put it on here, I would.  I could not even make that shit up.

This is just awesome on so many levels.

I feel terrible; somewhere there are eleven very uncomfortable people trying to find hemorrhoidal relief that got much more than they bargained for.

Two people googled the phrase "diaper sausage"  Don't ignore the quotes; they weren't looking for diapers, and sausage...they were looking for diaper sausage. 

The mind reels; are they making sausages out of diapers?  Are they looking for sausages in diapers?

I don't know either?

I do know however, that I probably managed to scare away two foreigners...unless the term "knickers" is sweeping the U.S.?

In which case, I'm very sad no one told me.  I would totally say "knickers." 

That's it.  I'm starting.  Knickers.  I love it.

Obviously someone is looking to start making healthier choices.  I applaud you, however, be warned:  There are not many "eatin good habits" to be found here. 

Unless they make guacamole a food group.

Oh well, judging from the grammar usage, I think it would probably be a long trip out of the mountains just for avocados. favorite.  Homemade nipple toys.

You guys are freaks!  I had no idea.  And you have no idea how thrilled I am that freaks like you can find me so readily!  It's fantastic beyond comprehension.

I have two supple cups.  Gently used.

(Who said breastfeeding had to be a total fail?)

$5/or best offer.

A little extra cashola on the side never hurt; it's clear I don't cook, but I wouldn't have to resort to making Henry eat "diaper sausage."

And last, but certainly not least...

My dear friends.  You can always come here if you are looking for not only boogers...but crusty ones. 

I'm sure I will never disappoint you. 

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  1. You have to come back. You must post more. I need new have to be one of the few who thinks exactly like me!!!