Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crazy Minnesotans

"It's 6 or 7 degrees outside.  It's not cold."

As said by Michael's mother upon our arrival.  Only someone from Minnesota, I tell ya.

More importantly, WE MADE IT.

No nervous breakdowns, no angry face-offs with fellow passengers, no creepy airport pat-downs, no crashing into the ground in a firey ball, no cocktails required in-flight.

Thanks to Plan-A-Suarus Rex, everything went extremely smoothly. 

Don't think I didn't lose some sleep last night planning some good comebacks in case Henry was fussy and some d-bag had the berries to roll his eyes at us, or complain (just loud enough for us to hear).

Do you ever do that?  Plan what you would say in a particular encounter.  Imaginary conversations like this take place in my head all the time.  I have waged an imaginary battle of wits with nearly everyone in my life.  And many strangers.  Weird?


But I find it comforting to know that I am verbally armed should I find myself in any number of bizarre brushes.

I got side-tracked.  Sorry.


Updates and pictures to follow soon!

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