Friday, January 28, 2011

Negative Nancy

Today my good friend and I took the strollers out for a walk with our little Piglets.

Well, her little Piglet just turned she's not so little anymore ;(

We were just chatting about this and that, when she said something that totally made me laugh.

Do you just get sick of seeing people's super happy Facebook updates sometimes?  Everything is so freaking perfect and just hunky-dorey.  The grass is green, I just found $20 on the sidewalk, I lost 10 pounds with out even trying...etc.

I mean I love being happy for people, but sometimes it's just too much.

There are days I feel like Facebook should have a disclaimer:

Oddly enough, I got home and Henry went down for a nap and I buzzed on over to (shocker, I know!) and saw this:

Apparently, most people think that everyone else's life is better than their own based on Facebook status updates.  I'll try to swallow the bile that rises in my throat at the thought that researchers are actually doing studies that revolve around Facebook now, and focus on the findings. 

I just found this so funny because I know we all have at least one person on our friend list that just seems to have their shit so together.  Their status updates tell the tail of rainbows, sunshine and farting gold nuggets.  It makes you feel like a total failure at life. 

I suppose, like the article suggests, I need to stop comparing my inside to someone else's outside. (12 Step Programs have all the answers.)

I think we should start a campaign to have a whole day on Facebook where everyone just tells the truth. 

The real poo that's hitting the fan. 

Everyone would feel better, wouldn't they!?

We could all read each other's misfortunes and say to ourselves, "Well it's not as bad as Frank or Trudy or Susan...they really got it rough..."

But seriously, keep up your chipper updates everyone.

I promise to be happy for you 99% of the time. 

I'm only human.

(This post was not about you, Katie :)  I love you...and everything you manage to accomplish, before I've even gotten out of bed.)