Friday, January 14, 2011

My Resignation

This is my formal letter of resignation.

I am not giving two weeks.  I am not giving 5 minutes.

I just sold Henry to the neighbors for a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and some sticky pennies.

Somewhere overnight I morphed into one of those booger creatures from the Mucinex commercial.  My head weighs 12.3 pounds.  All fluorescent green snot and misery.  If I didn't know better I might think I spent last night drinking moonshine and gargling broken glass.

That is how I feel today.

Before I waved goodbye to Henry he looked like a baby booger creature.  An unhappy baby booger creature.

I just want to quit.  I want to sit in a scalding hot tub of Vapor-Rub and make a Tylenol Cold and Sore Throat cocktail.  I want to sleep.  Hell, I just want to breath.

I had one of these 'I quit' moments a few months ago...

My back was KILLING me after I had Henry and I knew I was getting mastitis again.  Everything hurt, I was so tired and Henry was crying.  I hurt so bad it was a struggle picking him up off the changing table. 

I didn't quit.

I cried.  We cried together. 

So. I'm going to cry.  I guess I'm not going to quit.  But I want to. 

Let it be known.  I want to.

I better go get Henry from the neighbors.

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