Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Throw Things at Me!

Mornin' Momstas (like gangstas...get it...okay, I'll stop).

Sounds like The Hot Mama Minute went over well!  YAY :)

It makes my heart so happy. You have no idea.

I got an email from a long time friend a couple of days ago with a question about feedings, and how much Henry had been eating at a certain age. 

First of all, you have no idea how flattered I was that someone would consider me an authority on something.  HA. HA. HA. 

But, seriously.  It really got me thinking.  Like she said, it's funny how someone that has only been a mom a few months longer than you can seem like a seasoned veteran. 

And forget about those mom's that have been at it for years before you even thought about pooping out a kid.  

They are the keepers of the Ultimate Wisdom.

So remembering how clueless I felt when we brought Henry home, and how clueless I feel on a daily basis when Henry throws me yet another curve ball...

I decided to start a RealNewMom Facebook page.

Please, please.  Stifle your groans long enough for me to explain!

I thought (and hoped and prayed) that it could be a place where us hot mamas (and papas) could congregate and ask questions, even stupid ones (those are the only ones I have...), share tips, tricks, ideas, recommendations and inspiration.  Even pictures if ya want!

If you don't want to, just forget I asked and I'll slink back into the corner.

So if y'all feel like it, come on over and check it out.  Invite your friends.

(I promise I'm not trying to become 'known' and obnoxious and take over the world with my legion of loyal momstas.  Alright, you got me.  I promise it's not my primary intention.)

You can even decide to 'Like' me.  I'm not saying you have to.  But I am the site administrator so...

I'll just leave you with that. 

Peace out momstas.  

I promise I'm done with that.  For now...

P.S.  I forgot to mention, the single and/or childless are also welcome.  You can remind us what it was like to have a life.

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