Friday, November 19, 2010

Bed Rest

I know...a third entry today. Enough already!!

BUT, I hadn't planned on writing that last one; it just happened.

Michael just got home from work so I can finish up this little diddy.

I really wanted to share a fun idea for all those great mommies-to-be stuck on bed rest...

I know, it sounds great in theory.  Not so much in reality.  It is insanely, mind-numbingly, ass-tinglingly, shoot-me-now...boring.

I was on "modified bed rest" so I was able to get up and move around; I just wasn't allowed to do anything too strenuous.  So I don't know if this will work for you, if you are actually stuck in bed. But you can try!

Drum roll please...DIY nursery artwork!!!!

I could not find much I liked in the way of pictures to hang on Henry's walls.  I didn't want to get the ones that matched the bedding set, because I thought that was too matchy-matchy.  I know...give me a break, right.  So I got some canvases from the craft store, and bada bing-bada boom.  Artwork.  I am NO artist, so if I can do it, YOU can do it.  And its fun! 

A set of 2 big canvases = $5
A set of 3 mini canvases = $7
Paint = maybe $4
Brush set = around $5

MUCH cheaper than buying real artwork.  Plus when Henry gets old enough and realizes his room is more 'cutesy' than 'manly', I won't feel bad about giving them the old heave ho. Who am I kidding, when that day comes I'm going to ball my eyes out...but not because I wasted money on expensive artwork...;-\

Just let your creative juices start flowing and let the good times roll...

I always thought the letter idea was cute.

Michael saw the fun I was having and wanted to try out his hand...
(He copied the pattern that is sort of in the background on Little Man's crib sheet. Its kind of moroccan-esqe.  He wouldn't let me see it until it was completely finished...we had a big unveiling. It was all very dramatic.)

Last but not least, The Baby Dino

(Our boppy cover has little dinosaurs coming out of their shells...hence, got the idea to paint a little set.)

I also purchased a big piece of poster board.  I would draw what I wanted on the poster board and than cut it out and use it like a little stencil kind of thing.  I would have failed miserably trying to free-hand paint.)

It was really fun, and kept me busy for a day or two. 

After your little peanut makes its grand debut you can use him/her for artwork!

We needed a little something over the new kitchen peninsula, and there's not much I like looking at more than Henry.  Thus, I slapped some kitchen utensils in his hands...stuck him in a mixing bowl.  Instant kitchen art.  The black and white prints were 13 cents a piece and the three frames came in a package from Costco for $14. 

Good Luck---Don't pull your hair out.  You'll be in labor before you know it.  Then you'll be longing for the day when you were just laying on the couch, comfy as a bug in a rug.

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