Saturday, November 13, 2010

Past and Present

Henry is napping. If you're wondering how I have all this magical time to blog...that is why.  I should probably be doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, scooping the litter box, etc. This is more fun though.  As I was scanning the Facebook feed this morning I was just surprised at how many pregnant people there are! Everyone. is. pregnant. Or they just gave birth or they are about to give birth, or they are thinking about getting pregnant again. Babies everywhere.  About 4 years ago everyone posted pictures of their drunken everyone I went to high school and college with is posting engagement photos, sonogram pictures and baby photo shoots.  One of my best friends from high school just had a baby. Seeing as how I was living away from her and one of my other best friends in our early twenties, they used to drunk dial me at 2:30 am to tell me what kind trouble they had gotten into.  Which one had kissed the guy at the bar wearing manpris (those are men's capri pants. Yes, it is that bad), who had fallen off of a curb and broke their foot (actually those are both things I did in my hayday...whoops).  She just called me the other day to tell me she was sending me Enfamil coupons...because they are using Similac.  Really.  Are we grown up now? I kind of miss those hilarious phone calls. Moms don't make those phone calls they?

Speaking of close friends, we all have those friends that you can talk to and you don't have to censor yourself; its great, right! You can just say whatever you think and they won't judge you.  I got to talking to one such friend the other day about how everyone is pregnant.  At this point in time the idea of having another baby is not high on my list. Actually its not even ON my list. 

I said, "The idea of being pregnant again and having another baby is just repulsive right now." 

"I know someone who is pregnant."

"Oh really! Who!?"


Well shit. Excuse me while I dig my foot, my purse, the kitchen sink...out of my mouth.

"Oh my gosh that is SO great, I just meant I wouldn't right now because Henry is so little, blah blah blah."  There is no digging out of that hole.

Have you ever done something like that? Situations like this happen to me all too often.

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