Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mom Jeans

So I'm thinking its high time I reentered the land of the living.  Taking the nearest exit off of Elastic Wasteband Avenue.

Its just not a good look, day after day. And, alas I can not use the excuse that I have a newborn anymore.  My newborn is now 3 months old...nearly.  Crap.  Now I really have to get dressed...attempt to put something on my body that looks half-way decent. 

I got an email from a person that started this fashion website called, Looksville.  Apparently, she saw my blog and thought I would be a fun contributor to the site.  To all who know me; Is that not the most laughable thing you have ever heard!?  While I am very flattered, I can barely put myself together, let alone critique someone else's fashion choices. 

I mean, I know the basics, but by no means am I out there setting trends or anything.  Unless hooded sweatshirts can be a new trend.  Can I get credit for being the first on that bandwagon.

So now that I am going to try and make an effort...Uggh.  I have to examine my closet:

Maternity jeans, old jeans I got from a friend when she was cleaning out her closet and didn't want them anymore, older jeans I just can't seem to let go of because at one point they were my "skinny jeans" and they hold fond memories, new jeans that are pre-Henry that don't fit right now and sweatpants.


I suppose that means I need to face reality (that ugly bitch) and get a new pair of jeans. 

Wish me luck, and say your prayers that I don't come home with a pair of mom jeans.


  1. Just went through the same closet search.painful and a blow to the ego

  2. I'll help! I love clothes shopping! P.S. I love you just the way you are though :-)