Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wanted to post a picture of my new love...the penninsula. Maybe having all this extra counter space will inspire me to cook...if Michael is reading this he just laughed. Hard.
That is a full weekend of back-breaking labor.  Michael's back that is. I stained the wood! I also helped tile...which turned into a bit of a fiasco. But anyway, I think its pretty awesome ;)

When we put Henry's pajamas on at night we sing a little song we created to the tune of MC Hammer's 'Hammer Time'.  It goes a little something like, "jammy na na na. NA NA."  Well, it is stuck in my head this afternoon. Very annoying.  There is also a Songs for Learning CD that Mike uploaded and so I play it while Henry sits in the kitchen while I wash bottles and load the dishwasher, etc.  ALL of those songs are on a loop through my head. 

If you are wearing blue, stand up tall. If you are wearing blue stand up tall. There is also a wicked awesome (can you say that if you are older than 15?) guitar solo in the middle that we jam to.  Well I jam to it, Henry just kind of watches, sometimes he smiles.

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