Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Back

So we "fell back" last weekend.  I feel like I'm still falling. Our house is out-of-sorts; Henry is back to waking up twice a night, instead of his usual once.  I know, boo-hoo right.  He is a great baby; I just got used to only getting up once during the night.  It was glorious.  Our two cats, Fatty and Skinny, are in an uproar. They are little sh*ts and they know exactly what to do to annoy me.  We're trying to sleep at night and Fatty jumps up on my night stand and knocks my glasses on the floor, then my cell phone.  Then he jumps on the dresser and continues to knock things off until either I get up and put him in the basement or Michael staggers up out of bed, cursing, chasing him down into the basement where he gets shut in the office.  Things need to settle down I tell ya!  On an awesomer (good word right) note; we built a kitchen island. Well, *we* was more like my husband, and I guess its more of a penninsula than an island.  In any case, its amazing and wonderful.  I'm hoping now when I open the pantry spices, vitamins and various measuring cups don't come toppling out, pelting me in the head.  One can dream.

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