Friday, November 19, 2010


I no longer use my alarm clock, because I have a baby.  Built in alarm clock.

When Daddy and Henry woke me up this morning all I wanted to do was keep sleeping.  It got me thinking about some of the things we give up for our little piglets (or at least some of the things that I have given up).

Sleeping in.  Sleeping as long as you want and just laying in bed and luxuriating in the sheer joy and comfort that is sleep.  I love sleep, probably more than the average Joe, but I love it even more now.  When I started going back to the YMCA to work out (post-Henry), I would drop him off in the nursery and the ladies would practically trip over each other running to hold him.  I realized I had like free babysitting (well I guess we are paying for it, but you get my point) for a good hour.  I had to fight the urge to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and just roll that sucker out in the locker room.  I was this close.  The thought still crosses my mind every time we go.  I'm sure the other moms would completely understand and tip-toe quietly around me. 

Daily showers...sometimes I just don't get around to it.  I wish I could blame this on Henry... so I'm going to and leave it at that.

Wearing real outfits as opposed to just pajama pants, yoga pants, sweat pants. Or just plain pajamas.  I feel like the crew of What Not to Wear is going to knock on my door and tell me they've been filming me for the last two weeks.  Okay, Okay.  I really can't lie about this one either.  My nursing school friends can attest that I rarely wore real outfits before I had Henry.  Wow, this is getting depressing.  I guess Henry hasn't changed much...I'm realizing I'm just a lazy slob.

Handbags.  I LOVE handbags.  Audrey Hepburn likes to hang out at Tiffany's...I like to hang out at the Coach store.  It just makes me happy to be in the presence of such beautiful bags.   My latest beauty, before I gave birth...

The sales lady saw me coming from a mile away.  She spotted me eye balling it, stroking the soft leather...loving it.

"I have a brand new one in back...its never been touched by human hands.  Besides the person that sewed it I guess."

"I'll take it" The words flew out of my mouth before my brain even registered what I was saying.

That beauty has been in my closet since Prince Henry arrived on the scene.  Now I have a wallet that holds my cell phone and a lip gloss and it gets stuffed in the baby bag or underneath the stroller.

I mean it is a pretty wallet that I took time to pick out...I'm not an animal.

Modesty.  I have never been a particularly modest person, but its all out the window now.  After giving birth it just doesn't seem to matter anymore.  My poor mother-in-law, who was on the scene at the birth along with my mother, and stayed for a week after Henry was born, saw way more of me than she ever bargained for.  Poor woman.  My mom birthed me and wiped my butt, so I don't really count her; she has seen it all before.

I'm sure Michael would appreciate some more mystery in the house.  The poor guy can't round a corner without having a boob in his face.  When I went into pre-term labor and was put on a magnesium sulfate drip I could not get out of bed to pee (which I had to do hourly).  I refused to call my nurses every hour to put me on the bed pan (having been on the other end, I know how annoying that would be). So guess who got that pleasure.  That's right...poor, poor, poor, poor Michael.  I really have no more to say on that...helping your wife on a bedpan speaks for itself.

Date nights...and getting my swerve on without having to wear a sports bra and nursing pads. Am I right?

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  1. I agree - there is just nothing sexy about nursing pads! :)