Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dr. Sears A.H. (Ass Hat)

I could spend Henry's nap times doing a lot of coming up with something (besides the same 5 things we have on rotation) to eat for dinner.

Today I thought I'd check out the Dr. Sears website. Maybe I would pick up some helpful tid-bit.  He is supposed to be this fantastic and famous baby expert right?

Everything was fine, and then I read this little dandy:

"Swinging down. Wind-up swings for winding down babies are a boon to parents who have neither the time, energy or creativity to muster up rituals of their own. Tired parents will pay anything for a good night's sleep. Once in a while a moving plastic seat may be more sleep inducing than a familiar pair of arms. Sometimes high-need babies associate a parent's body with play and stimulation and will not drift off to sleep in a human swing. For them the mechanical one is less stimulating, if not downright boring, and therefore can be a useful part of a sleep-ritual repertoire. Yet remember, high-need babies are notoriously resistant to mechanical mother substitutes and will usually protest anything less than the real mom. Before you actually spend money on a swing, you might want to borrow one for a week or two to see if the spell of the swing will last. You may discover that you are uncomfortable with mechanical mothering and decide to get more creative. Still, swings have their moments."

WELL. Dr. Sears; Thanks a million for making me feel guilty during my one free moment of the day.  Yes, so I do own a baby swing...and a vibrating bouncy seat.  No, I do not carry Henry around, strapped to the front of my body 15 hours a day.  Sorry for being selfish, but he's a bit of a chunk and I don't want to resemble the Hunchback of Notre Dame by the time I'm 30 (which isn't too far off).

Occasionally he enjoys snoozing in his swing or playing in his bouncy seat.  I'm not going to lie, occasionally I enjoy it too.  Maybe I should be a human kangaroo, but I have other things to worry about right now.  Henry is not mechanically mothered.  So this is what I have to say to you.  Dick. 

Okay, so rereading this...maybe I am being a little hormonal and overly-sensitive (and slightly defensive). But my argument still stands.

On a lighter note...Check out Mr. Man in his Bimbo...I mean Bumbo.

By the way...I blow dried my hair today because Henry is 12 weeks old and I wanted to take a picture of us for his baby book.  Suck it Dr. Sears.

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  1. He's doing really well for 3 months; Go Henry! And don't feel bad about what you read, that's how children get spoiled. If you were to leave Henry with someone I'm sure they wouldn't enjoy the fact that they would have to carry him around 24/7. Spare the swing, spoil the child is not a good motto. You are doing great!