Thursday, November 18, 2010


"I think we need to get Henry a bimbo."


"Yeah he has really good head control, look at him sitting! He needs a bimbo."


"One of those seats..."

OHHHH...a Bumbo!

Thanks for the chuckle daddy...I don't want to get Henry a bimbo, but I will pick him up a Bumbo. Plus I don't think they sell those at Babies R Us.

One of my long-time best friends texted me last night.  She informed me that my post from yesterday has scared the *bleep* out of her and when she decides to have children...she may just opt for the c-section (which is NO picnic, I'm sure!).  While, I know she was kidding; instilling fear in the yet-to-be-mom-crowd was definitely NOT my intention!! 

Tearing and blood and goo...and stitches in your vagina.  Its not that bad...

Did that not sound convincing?

Things are just a little different down there post-baby.  One of my friends regaled me with one of her post-baby-bottom tails.  Unfortunately for her, the "six pound...TOPS, baby her doctor had promised her...turned out to be a nine pound baby. Surprise!!" 

It resulted in some bad tearing (which doesn't happen to everyone, so really don't be worried...honest.)

One fine day the fam decided to take a trip to the water park...sounds harmless enough.

Picture the top of the water slide, where the water shoots out.  Attempt to sit down backwards ("Look at me go down the slide backwards..Weee" that). 

Well for the post-baby-bottom involved this stream of water acted somehow like an enema...resulting in some serious cheek-clenching all the way down the slide, and one harrowing run to the water park restroom.  No. Joke. 

But if that hadn't happened, we all wouldn't be cringing...and laughing a little bit right now. So that's the upside. 

Things will return to normal...Girl Scouts Honor (three fingers up).

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