Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funny Kids

Our neighborhood is FULL of kids. They range from babies to about 11 years old and they all travel in a giant pack.  They have the run of the one's yard or driveway is off limits. We will come home to find our driveway covered in sidewalk chalk artwork.  Its great, I love it.  If you have swings in your yard, they are fair game.  When I pull in our driveway and the kids are out they will inevitably come running and tell me all about....well, everything.  All at once.
Who has a birthday coming up, who has a turtle named Stanley, who thinks riding bikes is better than swinging, who likes strawberry ice cream more than chocolate...and so on and so forth.  When I was pregnant the three kids that live next door to us came over one day and gave me something they had made.   A lump of  blue clay with bird feathers sticking out all over.  Real bird feathers....they had found on the ground.  I love kids.  I guess its a paperweight?
When Michael got home from work on Saturday afternoon I heard the kids come running from inside the house.  The little girl from next door guessed that Michael's dad's birthday was in January...

"I knew it. I have a sixth sense, my whole family does.  Its because we're from Canada." 

HAHAHA. Where do kids come up with this stuff!?

We had some friends over and grilled out tonight.  This RealNewMom had 3 a row.  I'm about to fall over.  I love Blue Moon's seasonal beers, they are so good!!

We had a great time, thank heavens for good friends.

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