Sunday, November 14, 2010


There are so many reasons I love Michael.  When he asks me what I want for dinner and I say, "frosting" he doesn't say, "Wow you're a fat pig, try a chicken breast."  He asks me if I want him to go to the grocery store and get some...

Of course I don't eat frosting for much as I would love that.  I'm trying to get rid of the last bit of baby weight.  Aren't we all? Its actually almost gone; everything is just ...squishier than it used to be.  That's okay I wasn't planning on busting out the leggings or skinny jeans today anyway.  Baby weight is a whole other entry in itself! Gaining 11 pounds in one month deserves to be written about.

I got to thinking about how much I love my husband when I got to sleep until 10 am this morning.  I don't have words to describe how marvelous this was.  Henry didn't wake up until 5:45 this morning and after I went back to sleep Michael got up with him at 7:45 and I just kept on sleeping...awesome.  He is an incredible father.  Another reason that I love him.

Michael is Catholic and before we got married we were required to take this day-long marriage prep class.  We were not especially excited about spending an entire Saturday doing this, but we had a great time! We talked about a lot of things that usually don't come up in everyday conversation.  The lady that led the class talked about how couples need to have "bonders." Activities that you both enjoy and can do together.  Something that allows you to reconnect in your otherwise hectic lives.  Aside from obvious activities.

I suggested canooing.  "Our bonder should be canooing...or hiking...or rock climbing!"

That would be fantastic except we've never done any of those things. I guess we've "hiked" but it was more of a walk than anything else.

I pictured us scaling walls and climbing rocks, looking like one of those fresh, athletic couples from the LL Bean catalogue.  Unfortunately that is not us.

The truth is our bonder is watching TV together.  We both enjoy it; we talk about what we are watching. Make comments about unfortunate looking people on HGTV.  Its not fast and furious and exciting, but we enjoy it.  What are your bonders? Is there another activity in which we could participate that involves almost no movement what-so-ever?

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