Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bink Thief

Lock up your binkies, nooks and pacies.

There is a thief on the loose.

Binkies are disappearing around this house faster than the bag of Doritos.

Like lightning. 

Oh. Wait.

What is this here in the hood of my sweatshirt?

Three pacies!?

I guess this is where they go when I am carrying Henry and the paci is suddenly, very mysteriously gone.

...but I never heard it drop.

Then I spend 5 minutes crawling on the floor, searching under furniture.

Where did that f^&%ing thing go?

We won't get into the sketchy details of how three binks managed to make it into the hood of this one sweatshirt.

How many days in a row did I put that on....?

I'm not that good at mental math.

Lesson learned.

I'm just going to slip into my pajama jeans and call it a night.

Maybe I'll dream of the days when I used to put on clean clothes every day :|

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