Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Green Light

Well, I got on this morning, thank you very much.

What do I gravitate towards...the 'science and medicine' articles.  So I ended up reading a blurb about how scientists are getting close to being able to detect autism with brain scans.  That lead to me clicking on the link 'Signs and Symptoms of Autism' (all the while telling myself, "Don't look at this Emily, it is only going to make you freak out...nothing good can come from this." I'm a little dramatic if you haven't noticed).  So then I'm trying to force Henry to make eye contact with me and respond to his name.  Haha, he doesn't even know his name, if he does he thinks its Piglet or Little Man...not Henry.  Then I tried to lay him down for his little morning snooze and his arms were just flapping away.  By this time I am convinced that I need to call Dr. Anderson and get an autism consultation.

Oh my, I think I'll just stick with Perez.  Thanks.

My tiny, cute little prego friend came over yesterday afternoon and we got to just sit and chew the fat for awhile.  I LOVE her.  I can not wait to see her 9 months pregnant...she's just going to tip over she's so teensy. 

Of course we talked about baby stuff, pregnancy, dumb husband stories (we've all got those), unwanted pregnancy/baby advice.  Uggh.  Why can't some people just mind their own bees wax.  Thanks, but I don't need your disapproving glances as I drink my cup of coffee, lady behind the counter.  Before you judge me, do your research and you'll find that I'm allowed a certain amount of caffeine.  So there.

Don't give me an incredulous look when I tell you I don't have my whole nursery put together and decorated at 20 weeks along. 

This friend has actually seen our birth video....Yes, we video taped it. 

I know you're cringing.  Its not like we played it on the big screen during Thanksgiving dinner.  I don't show it around to everyone...just special people. 

I am so, so, so glad we recorded the day.  Michael edited the video and put music to it.  It makes me cry every time I watch it.  Michael's mom got the honor of recording the actual birth (its not like a gross close up or anything, by the way).  Watching the raw footage is hilarious because she is freaking out and you hear her asking if the red light means its recording.  And then after Henry comes she just drops the camera for awhile and there is like 5 minutes of just her feet.  Awesome.  She got all the good stuff though...I would highly recommend considering recording the day.  Best decision we made.

Of course my friend has heard horror stories of delivery and recovery...its a wonder women still keep getting pregnant with these stories floating around.  I was scared...I was prepared for a vaginal Jihad.  Thankfully it didn't play out like that for me, but healing was NO picnic.

Whoever came up with that whole 6 week back-to-normal mumbo-jumbo was sadly mistaken.  I went to my 6 week post-natal visit, flung my legs up into those stirrups, all excited that I was going to get the green light to "resume normal activity".  Get your freak on is what they mean. 

Well, I was theory.


6 weeks....try 3 months Dr. Masciello.  Thanks for your confidence in me though.

Just another sacrifice for Piglet.  I mean Henry.  I need to start using his name...

Oh no I think he just started flapping again.  Shoot.


  1. I love you so much Emily :-)

  2. I need to stop reading ur blogs when I'm holding Bray and he's sleeping. My laughing wakes him everytime.