Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ft. Henry

As you are all luxuriating in the comfort of your warm living rooms with your comfy couches and big screen can think of me.

Camped out in our guest bedroom upstairs because our basement is a frozen tundra.

I don't know why the ass-bite former owners of our home did such a poor job insulating the basement when they decided to redo it, but I'd like to kick them in the nuts. Hard. 

Thanks former home-owners.  Each winter you drive my little family upstairs...away from all of our comforts...and the DVR. 

You bastards.  DVR is my reason for living.  Now, there is no recording 'my stories' and watching them at my leisure.  Well I guess I could...but I have to sit on the cold leather couch inside Michael's cold weather sleeping bag with the space heater practically up my butt.

You ruined everything former home-owners!

Our second bedroom, now dubbed Fort Henry, is the new Budahn Family Base of Operations.

So if you're looking for us we're up here...

Come on's warm under the covers.

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