Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faith It

Mornin' all.

'Twas a great two days at the ole' Baptist (the hospital where I work). 

I am so thankful for my co-workers!! I think we have the best unit in the whole hospital...if I was sick or a family member was sick I would definitely want our nurses taking care of us.  I heart them ;)

I was voicing concern/frustration to a colleague about my nervousness at work.  I wake up every morning literally a little bit scared to go to work.  Our job doesn't really allow having an 'off day', a day where you just aren't feelin' it.  People's lives depend on you having a good day at work.  Being vigilant and watchful.  It is sca-ry, I tell ya! 

But what scared patient, wants to see a scared nurse at their bedside.  Umm...no one

So sometimes, you just have to fake it. 

One of my fellow nurses said to me, "Guuurl, you don't fake it...you faith it!"


Yes, you trust that God lead you down the path that put you in that situation at that very instant because He knew you could handle it.  He trusts you.  He got you through long nights of studying and extremely frustrating days at school to prepare you for this.  So I just have to remember that, and have faith that if I do my part, show up and be the best nurse that I know how to be (which sometimes means being marriage counselor, motivator, personal assistant, friend...).  He will do his part and we will all get through it together. 

Doesn't that just make you feel good.

(I know I sound kind of like a Jesus freak right now...bear with me, and I trust you will see the relevance.)

So I'm just going to have throw it up to Him and have a little faith.

-I'm going to have faith that the resident that gave me sass every time I paged him to get his ass out of bed and come look at an incision that I knew was infected, will learn not to do that again.  Why? Because we are usually right...and about a gallon of puss came out when he opened up that wound.  I'm going to thank Him that I had the strength not to say, 'I told you so' and punch him in the neck. 

-I'm going to have faith that when a patient asks me if we have an in-house masseuse that could come rub his feet, I will have the strength not to laugh in his face...again. 

-I'm going to have faith that when the gas light is on in my car that I really do have 16 miles left like it tells me I do.  I'm not stopping at 5:50 am on my way to work...in the freezing cold, to fill up.  Nope.

-I'm going to have faith that when I don't feel like scooping the liter box after work even though it really needs to be done, the cats will still behave and not have an accident.

-I'm going to have faith that my husband's family still thinks I keep a nice home and am a good mother...even though our shower curtain has mold on it.  Oooops. 

-I'm going to have faith that when I come home from working a 12 hour shift and Michael tells me he wishes I would have taken the initiative to pick up something for dinner on the way home, I will not punch him in the neck.

-Basically I'm just going to have faith that God will keep me from punching people in the neck.

Today I'm going to have faith that we are making the right decisions where Henry is concerned and that he will grow up to be happy kid. 

That is all I want. 

And a walk-in closet.  I want that too.  I'm just going to have faith.

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  1. Guuurl. I know what you are talking about!!!! Luckily I don't have anyone making comments about not picking up anything for diner when I get home. I need to have faith that my little Junior can hold his bowel movement until he can get outside. :)