Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Need Sleep NOW

This is it...

The last remnant from the 3 whole months I spent masquerading as a pair of giant nipples with legs.  Now the good old folks at Enfamil will receive Michael's entire paycheck...instead of just half of it.

Thanks Enfamil people.  You suck for making your product so expensive.  And apparently so delicious that Henry can never be satisfied.

I got to thinking this morning...how did we get from this...

(That's me, 9 months pregnant.  Lassoing a rhino.)

To this...

I wish rhino-lassoing Emily would have had the foresight to know that exhausted, mouth-breathing Emily would crave the days of pregnancy and uninterrupted rest.  I now know that I was freaking crazy to walk around the zoo in the crippling summer heat in an effort to expel our 8 and 1/2 pound parasite.  Looking back now I would have installed central air and wedged a flat screen in there to make him more comfortable.

Joke's on me.

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