Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Christmas

Sorry for the extended absence loves...the folks rolled into town on Tuesday.

We have been camped out, staring at Henry.  Making noises and waving our arms like fools.  But then he smiles and it is all worth it. 

Every time my mom comes to our house I can just see her itching to reorganize our kitchen cabinets.  I know the present organizational scheme is not conducive to producing an edible product, or getting anything done in a timely fashion. 

So I will continue to let her operate under the assumption that our lack of good kitchen flow/organization is the reason that I do not cook.  This afternoon I will let her loose and watch her heart soar as she swirls around and reorganizes to her heart's content.

While she does that my dad will watch Wheel of Fortune and yell at the 'moronic simpletons' and tell them how fudging stupid they are not for not guessing an 'R'. 

Ahhh.  Family Christmas.  I loooove it.

I'm going to go and make sure Henry is still sleeping...and catch up on the latest issue of  Family Circle.

The newest magazine subscription that just appeared from my grandmother.  Bless her heart...the cover has some good looking slow cooker recipe...

Maybe Michael will make it tonight.  Ha

Dad just came in from 'getting some fresh air'.  Everything is a sheet of ice and Mom told him if he broke his arm she was leaving him here.


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