Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Wretched Wench and Other Randomness

Well, 69 years ago yesterday the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

And yesterday Aunt Flo attacked my uterus.  It has happened.  I was caught completely off guard.

The wretched wench is back...and she is angry. 

Where ever she went on vacation for 12 months, she didn't bring me back a t-shirt, no coffee mug, not even a measly souvenir shot glass.  Just a swift kick in the baby-maker.  I hate her.

So even though I feel like I'm being bludgeoned to death right now, I am going to try and have a fun day with Henderson. 

We need to go to Walmart...okay so that isn't fun.  It's horrible.  But it has to be done.

In other news, this RNM had a big time fail.

There will be no Christmas card with cute family pictures of us.

There will be no Christmas card with a cute picture of Henry dressed up as a snowman, reindeer, elf or little dradle (we're not Jewish, but that still would be cute, wouldn't it!)

Note to a dradle costume. 

We didn't even do birth announcements.  I know!  Another mom-fail.

So I thought I would do a little Christmas video for y'alls in lue of the forgotten card.

I ran the idea past Michael, and he said that he would be uncomfortable in front of the camera (that is SO very Michael).  So it looks like you'll just get my ugly mug.  And of course Henry, which is what everyone wants anyway.  So look forward to that....coming soon to a computer near you.

Last night Michael lubed up his chords with a big glass of chocolate milk and then proceeded to serenade the babe and I with some Christmas tunes.

It was a B-Fam Christmas Sing Along.  I think I want to make it an annual tradition. SO fun.  So here's a little shot of Michael and H-Man googling 'Christmas song lyrics'. 

Who forgets the words to Frosty the Snowman?  Apparently we do.

(Look at how intently Henry is looking at the computer...I think we may have a techno-Nerd on our hands.  That's okay. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love nerds...they make the best husbands!)

In the mean time I ran across 2 things that really made me laugh and I thought I would share them with you.(Well one made me laugh, and one just made me shake my head).

This blogger is absolutely hilarious! I stumbled across this post and thought my nursing posse would get a chuckle out of it.  Because haven't we all thought that the Faces Pain Scale is a little ridiculous at one point or another...

And this website is at times funny, at times sad...but mostly just unbelievable (Ha, kind of like life, huh?)  It really makes you thankful if you had a great OB, or great OB nurses like I did.  And like I hope you do to :)

I think that is all I've got this AM...

Like they say in the South, "Have a blessed day."

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