Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, Piggy-Wiggy is in his swing, with his eyes closed.  Hopefully it will last...

My fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs...everything is crossed.

I had to run to the dry cleaners to drop off Michael's navy suit.  The office manager at the practice he works at passed away.  I feel so bad, it is very sad.  She got sick a couple of months ago very suddenly and then was doing better for awhile.  Now she's gone.  Most of the time I just can't wrap my head around death.  I can't fathom how someone can be here one moment and then be gone. Stolen away from you.

For most of my life that has been a HUGE source of anxiety for me (that and thinking I'm going to die in a fiery plane crash). Worrying about losing someone I love.  Like my parents or one of my friends.  Now I have Michael and Henry and I have to fight this all-consuming ball of anxiety that just settles in my chest.  I worry all the time that something will happen to Michael.  I can't live with out him.  And lets not even talk about Henry. 

I don't know how my parents let me drive, let me go on vacation with my friends, let me move away from home.  I don't know how they were able to function without worrying to death about me.  I guess that is all part of the dance.  Parenthood.  I know we will have to let him go and be independent...but I just don't want to.  I was a 'good kid' in high school and college and I still made some epically bad decisions.  Some real doozies

Lord, I'm going to have a panic attack just thinking about it.

On a different note...You guys seemed to like my little video.  Yay ;)  Henry and I will have to work on another one.  I promise I'll shower for the next one.

Although, Michael told me I didn't do the voices right, especially Tatiana.  His version sounds more like Julia Child.  Personally, I like my slinky lounge singer version better (Shhh...I think Henry does too). 

I need to clean up my house.  I think I could have been a house-cleaner in a different life.  I really like cleaning.  I appreciate the instant gratification of seeing something that was dirty, be clean after I'm through.  It gives me a warm, peaceful feeling (is that weird?).  I am very particular about cleaning though.  Especially in the kitchen. 

I HATE washcloths...icky, cringe-worthy.  Call me crazy. I think washcloths in the kitchen sink are the most disgusting, nasty, gross, stinky, germ-laden invention in history.  Seeing Michael wipe the countertop with the wash cloth from the sink makes my toes curl, my gag reflex kicks in.  I is extremely bizarre.  I could not live with out Lysol Wipes.  When he leaves the kitchen I go over everything he wiped with the washcloth with a Lysol Wipe.

I know.  Its just one of those things.

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  1. I hate washcloths, too! They get all musty and crusty...ick!