Friday, December 24, 2010

Head Fire

So, I've got the mom jeans...

Now I'm considering getting a mom-'do.

I mean it would be a cute mom-'do, but a mom-'do none-the-less.

Every time someone has a baby the first thing to go is the hair.  They may as well set up a salon in the hospital so you can just get it over with before they wheel you out to the car.

I guess there are some brave souls that have managed to maintain long and lux locks post baby, but I am not one of those women.

I think my hair has been in a wet pony tail since August 26th at 12:23 pm.

I even invested in two different dry shampoos, hoping that they would change my life and let me go two days without washing my hair...

TRESemme Fresh Start

(Please try and overlook the horrendous tile job in our bathroom.  Once again, thanks a heap former home-owners!)

This crappola was no match for my mane.  Plus my head was shrouded in a very strong hair-spray like odor all day long.  I was half-way frightened to leave the house and possibly cross the path of a person with a lit cig...I think my head would have burst into flame.

My quest for beautiful day-old hair was not to be abandoned.  I journeyed to Sephora and picked up this little number...

Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

This did little more than the last, but at least I wasn't as concerned about a possible head fire.  I did smell like fruit loops though.  Good thing or bad thing...I'm not sure?

The disappointment in the air is palpable.  Back to the wet pony.

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a few pics of a friend at a holiday party.  I was immediately drawn to one of the girls in the picture (not like that, creep-a-saurus).

I fell in LOVE with her hair cut.  Instantaneous, lust-filled and deep.  I was crushing hard on that 'do.

I still am.  I tend to be kind of impulsive when it comes to making hair decisions, so I decided to give it a few days.  Well, I still want it.

Mama, wants it bad.

We'll see, dare I say it. Motherhood has made me a bit more cautionary. 

Stay tuned to see if I take the leap...

I gotta fly...Piggy Wiggy is starting to howl for second breakfast.

Merry Christmas Eve y'all

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