Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tummy Time Fail

Looking at my post from yesterday, I realized I gave my poor sweet baby boy my hair line.

We have a ginger Eddie Munster.

Poor baby Henry.

Speaking of Henry...

This whole tummy time business is really cramping our style around here.  It is not the fun, exploratory event that they make it look like on

Heck no!

Our tummy time usually goes something like this:

Place Henry on tummy (in the 20 minute window when he hasn't just eaten and won't spew an entire bottle of milk on the mat and before he is too tired and begins to melt down).  Lay down on the floor in front of him.  Watch in vain as he flails around, gives up and commences licking the mat.  Try and help him by propping his arms underneath him.  Watch as he flails them out and goes back to licking the mat.  Cheer him on as he lays and continues to lick the mat.  He starts to cry.  Give up and flip him back over. 

He just hasn't gotten that he can use his hands to push himself up.  The baby book says most babies are able to support themselves and look around with head at 45 to 90  degree angle by 4 months.  He isn't most babies...he's Henry.

  A for effort Henny!!

Seriously, advice/tips welcome.

(By the way, many of these pics were taken on the same day...we actually do change our clothes around here.  Well, Henry does...)


  1. Not to worry, patrick's tummy time is exactly the same... Just didn't care about the whole pushing himself up thing!

  2. Oh my gosh that's a funny picture. My baby does the same thing - barfs up her entire day's worth of breast milk that I so painstakingly agonized over making, then hangs out face down in it getting it all over her face and hair. Usually I just give up and flip her back over. I just tell myself that she'll get neck muscles some time before she goes to college.